Gavilya, a simple game launcher

All your games in one place.

Gavilya gathers all your video games in one place. Nowadays, more and more games are available in different game launchers, and it is annoying for a lot of people. This is why we created Gavilya. A simple game launcher launcher with a lot of features and personalization.


Features integration

Gavilya is integrated with the database. Thanks to this integration, Gavilya can auto-detect your games, download a cover image and the game's information.

Dark theme

Gamers love dark theme, that's why we've decided to make Gavilya only in dark theme. (Also, it looks better)

Multiple views

When you launch Gavilya for the first time, you will land in the "Cards" view, but you may prefer a "List" view or even a "Recent" view. Gavilya offers the possibility to choose the view you like the most.


Gavilya is available in multiple languages: English (United States), of course, and French (France).

Import and export

If you've installed Gavilya on a new PC, you may wanna get your games back in Gavilya. Gavilya offers the possibility to import and export games, so you won't loose your stats!

Favorite bar

If you have a lot of games, but you want to quickly jump to your favorites, we've added a favorite bar in Gavilya. You can add and remove games to your favorites.

Recommended games

Based on your most played games, Gavilya will suggest games you could play if you can't choose one.


Since version 2.0, Gavilya saw huge performance improvements, see in the table below*.

In v1.9

  • 12.8%
  • 454 MB

In v2.0

  • 12.8%
  • 87.3 MB

The first line is the CPU usage and the second one is the RAM usage.

*Tests were made on an Intel Core i5 11600K with 32GB of RAM, running on Windows 10 21H1 with 17 games.


Gavilya is available only on Windows and is free.

Download Gavilya